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Embark on your journey towards professional success with Thriving Horizons LLC, your premier destination for comprehensive resume writing and career consultation services. Our dedicated team specializes in equipping individuals with the essential tools needed to kickstart their job search. From crafting tailored resumes to establishing impactful profiles on leading job search platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed, we ensure that each client receives personalized attention and guidance. Let us empower you to seize new opportunities and achieve your career aspirations.

About Us

Thriving Horizons LLC is a Resume writing and career consultation company who specializes in providing clients with everything they need to start their job search. We assist members organizations by providing a full, individually tailored resume to each person, as well as establishing profiles on popular job search sites such as LinkedIn and Indeed. Whether our client has had consistent job history, is looking to dive into a new field, or feels they have nothing to bring to the table in terms of skills, our experts provide value to each situation.

Message from the Founder, Robert Starling​

As a longtime member of the recruiting and staffing industry, I wanted to provide a basic service for individuals to take care of the first steps when on the search for a new job. The career search can be overwhelming and my experience has taught me that many candidates overlook the first step when looking for a new role. Having a clean, organized resume as well as profiles on popular job boards showcasing that resume and highlighting skills is the most important part of the job search, but overlooked by many. By providing each of our clients with this foundation of starting their career search, our team at Thriving Horizons LLC can benefit individuals and organizations by giving the gift of opportunity.

Our Services

Individual Cases

Write a Resume: Clients fill out a questionnaire regarding their skills, work history, education, etc. Our experts will return a full resume within 24 hours. Also, clients can send a job description and our experts will tailor a resume to a specific job to increase a clients chance of landing a role. ($50)

Resume + Profile Builder: Experts will create a resume and establish profiles for the client on popular job boards such as LinkedIn, Indeed, CareerBuilder, Dice, etc. Each case includes a 30 minute consultation call to discuss the resume, profiles, and approach the job search/ Interview process. ($100)

Business to Business Cases

Let our experts assist members of your organization by providing them with the first steps in starting their career: An individually tailored resume, profiles on popular job sites, consultation on searching for jobs and tips for the interview process.

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